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Adam Caar


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Sachin Live From Pune

Directed by Ganesh Devidas Kadam

Country: India

Duration: 32:07


One day in a cricket competition between schools, the boy impresses the selection board and gets a chance to show off his skills in a tough class competition. But fate has planned something else for him.

Seeking New Paths.jpg

Seeking New Paths

Directed by Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

Country Finland

Duration: 52:00


This is the story of Melina Holmberg, a Finnish entrepreneur who leaves her home and moves to Spain with four horses and two dogs.


The Aliens of the Park

Directed by Max Leimstättner

Country Finland

Duration: 50:00


This outdoor game includes everything from skills, music, crafts, design and travel. It infiltrates minds, customs, and practices.

sun flower.jpg


Directed by Elmira Gilman

Country: Kazakhstan

Duration: 01:37:30


A fourteen-year-old Amir hides in his virtual gaming world from school and home problems. Everything is simple and clear, unlike real life. However, conflicts in the family and at school lead to rebellion. 



Directed by Anton Filipenko

Country: Russian Federation

Duration: 18:44

Comedy, drama

Three unknown couples meet in a country house in Finland.
For what ?


Inner Beauty

Directed by Marja Hukkataival

Country: Finland

Duration: 00:01


An elderly lady is doing a fitness exercise.


The Bitch

Directed by Ville Niemi

Country: Estonia

Duration: 18:50


The Bitch is a tragicomic story of a lost girl, three rural
brothers and their dog.


A Boy and a killer

Directed by Jussi Rautaniemi

Country: Finland

Duration: 17:00


This story pictures a small boy who gets distracted on his way to school and wanders around the neighbourhood not knowing that at the same time also a killer is on the loose in the same area.

my gibsy.jpg

My Gypsy Road

Directed by Vilma Kartalska

Country: Bulgaria

Duration: 27:56


An inspiring story about the winding road of the first Roma actress in Bulgaria, officially graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. From the everyday life’s challenges, to the sacrifices in the name of theater, and the trust in the great Roma cause – education for the ghetto. 



Directed by murat çeri

Country: Turkey

Duration: 01:39:21


Tariq cannot remember his past because of the accident, but he constantly has symbolic dreams that he cannot understand. A donkey hit by a car is found dead in the village. This donkey has a newborn SIPA. Tariq makes a connection between this donkey cub and his own situation. And he makes it his goal to keep him alive.



Directed by Shirin sabour

Country: Iran

Duration: 15:00


Nader`s house is to be demolished soon and his daughter is sick. Nader calls Najmeh(his sister) and asks her for help. Najmeh comes to his house but Nader has left there before her arrival.

Kum Gecesi.jpg

Kum Gecesi

Directed by Ali Ergül

Country: Turkey

Duration: 24:33


From the late 1980s to 2009, thousands of workers have worked in sandblasting studios (mainly underground workshops) in Istanbul. All of these workers who have ever worked in these studios have contracted a silicosis disease that cannot be treated.

My mum is (not) the best one.jpg

My mum is (not) the best one

Directed by: Sadchikova Irina

Country: Russia

Duration: 13:39

Student work

A mother convinces her daughter to fulfill the will of her dreamy, dead grandmother: to celebrate the New Year
among the family.
On her way, the daughter realizes that she is dependent on her mother and tries to free herself.

Road Angel.jpg

Road Angel

Directed by: Sadchikova Irina

Country: Peru

Duration: 37:50


Cristian is a child from the Peruvian countryside. His playground is nature and the vast landscape surrounded by mountains, but his most common place to hang out is home.

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