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WORD: Stage retrieval in many languages


Saturday 21.5.2022 from 1 pm to 3 pm, Stage-Performance Stage of the Kotka Main Library

SANAVANA offers poetic poetry experiences in several different languages. The poems are presented both in the original language and as translations. The events are co-produced by Sivuvalo Platform ry, which promotes the visibility of the work of writers writing in languages other than Finnish and the conditions for working in Finland.  


Poets performing at the event:

Helga West (Northern Sami, Finnish)

Helga West is a Finnish Sámi poet, theologian, journalist and dissertation researcher. West grew up along the Teno River in the village of Outakoski. His poems deal with the history of the Sámi, among other things. West's dissertation examines the reconciliation processes between the Lutheran Church and the Sámi.


José Luis Rico Carrillo (Spain)

Born in northern Mexico and later from Helsinki, José Luis Rico Carrillo is an award-winning poet. In addition to his own literary work, he also translates Finnish contemporary poetry into Spain. Rico Carillo is the chairman of Sivuvalo Platform ry and produces the World to Another festival in Helsinki.


Polina Kopylova (Russian, Finnish)

Polina Kopylova is a poet, journalist, translator and interpreter whose unique poetry production enjoys the mainstream of literature. Kopylova writes mainly in Russian, but also makes her poems in Finnish to test the limits of her expression.


Ville Vanhala (Finnish)

Ville Vanhala from Pyhtää is a long-standing author, journalist and literary activist. He has written novels, poems and non-fiction books. Vanhala has published four in his collection of poems and has been nominated for the Dancing Bear Award.


Csilla Csépke (Hungarian, English)

Growing up in Budabest, Csilla Csépke mostly writes prose and makes occasional experiments with poetry. His primary working language is English, but the texts strongly show the legacy of Hungarian literature.


The event will be hosted by Kasper Salonen. Salonen is a bilingual poet, spoken word artist and translator. Salonen's own poems (Finnish, English) will also be heard at the event.

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