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Adam Caar


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little beach.jpg

The Little Beach

Directed by Sonia

Country: Argentina

Duration: 13:00


Priscila, a 7-year-old girl no one pays attention to, sets out in search of a hard-to-find toy retailer to get further away from her family and closer to adventure.

wintry spring.jpg

Wintry spring

Directed by Mohamed Kamel

Country: Egypt

Duration: 15:00 


Nour is a schoolgirl who lives alone with her father, she is going through a crisis and cannot tell her father that  which leads to tension between them.


Child's Faith

Directed by Aleksi Mörttinen

Country Finland

Duration: 11:08


After she has escaped from her mother’s funeral, she decides to return to her mother’s place of death and drown in the lake.

The GrandDaughter.jpg

The GrandDaughter

Directed by Mohsen Habibi

Country: Iran

Duration: 5:00


A teenage girl comes to an infected home during a COVID19 pandemic



Directed by Saman Hosseinpuor

Country: Iran

Duration: 13:03

Student work, Drama

Ghasem has to sell his cow  because of the hard winter in the village, but his son escaped the cow.

eleohant road.jpg


Directed by Masoud Soheili

Country: Afghanistan

Duration: 15:00


An old man travels to give a turkey to his grandson before he dies. However, the main road is in the hands of the rebels. They decide to use an alternative path.

murder a girl.jpg

Murder Girl

Directed by: Diana Galimzyanova

Country: Russia

Duration: 15:54

Follow Murder Girlia, a serial killer-blogger, as he wanders the Russian flea markets in search of a new knife.


Wish For You

Directed by: Showgo Ookawa 大川 祥 吾

Country: Japan

Duration: 5: 38


Before moving, the man hastily prepares for a surprise party. He decorates the room with balloons, lights a candle, puts dishes. But then it happens ..



Directed by: Aishe Vejdani

Country Finland

Duration: 9: 12


A Turkmen woman sways by her confusing nightmare  and between her reality, where she spends the weekend with her Finnish husband in a lake cottage.

my theater.jpg

My Theater

Directed by: Kazuya Ashizawa

Country: Japan

Duration: 19:59


The man closed the movie theater 55 years ago. Still people will come.


Why We Are Unhappy in Cities

Directed by: Zhao Gang

Country: China

Duration: 26:46


The life of a young man falls into chaos after the breaking of a beloved lighter. His lover leaves him and he also loses his job.


Désir Pastel

Directed by Mathieu Rivolier

Country: Iran

Duration: 15:00

Comedy, thriller, drama

This story is about an angel descending to earth. A quiet and charming young woman who is furiously going to turn upside down the daily life of a middle class family

Death Offers Life.jpg

Death Offers Life

Directed by Saheer Abbas

Country: India

Duration: 8:00


The story is a fictional story about the esteemed painter Vincent Van Gogh, who had failed in his life. Death, who has come to pick him up, makes an offer that Van Gogh rejects and accepts of death.


The College FKA Calhoun at Yale

Directed by Robert Menefee

Country: United States

Duration: 4:59


African-American kitchen worker Corey Menafee broke a racist stained glass painting depicting slaves in a cotton field.


Q: ghostly remote effect

Directed by Marcus Hanisch

Country: Germany

Duration: 19:43

Sci-Fi, Drama

Scientist P tests quantum gynoid Q and embarks on an undiscovered nature. Along the way, he finds a ghostly remote effect between himself and the robot.

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